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So.....AVCON, COSPLAY *flops*

5 MORE DAY UNTIL AVCON =_=;;; and that leave 3-4 weeks until MANIFEST

D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:

I am in total freak out mode....I still have to start and complete two cosplays for Manifest D: *freaks out*

for AVCON I am cosplaying as Yoichi Hiruma (Eyeshield 21) on the Saturday, and Michael (Angel Sancturay) on the Sunday :D I just have to wait for my red wig for Michael, using my Grell wig that I left at Teagan's house, and I have to get my white shirt for Hiruma altered. :)

And..for Manifest, for Amaranth and Friday I will be cosplaying as Hungary (Hetalia) in her national costume - the mangaka did pics of some countries in their National costumes for Children's Day :D and its SO pretty!!! Anyway, Saturday I am Switzerland (Hetalia) and on the Sunday, I have been trying to keep this as low profile as possible. but since I only have a handful of ppls that watch me, I will tell you :D On the Sunday, I will be cosplaying as Alexiel from Angel Sancturay, I am going to wear her white dress with pleather clincher and boots xDD oh I am going to attempt to make her 3 Angel wings too x.x

I have made my Swiss cosplay - I have to alter my jacket so it fits me better, cos its so baggy x.x and make a start on Hungary and Alexiel.

SO yeah...I have a busy 3 weeks in front of me :D
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Cosplay update - and general update......

OMFG wow it has been ages since I last posted here.

Anyway...AVCon is coming closer and so is Manifest :3  I cant wait~~~

My cosplay list:

Hiruma Yoichi (Eyeshield21) - the whole weekend; Teagan as Mamori, Flea as Musashi and Christine as Habashira Rui.

Hiruma Yoichi (Eyeshield 21) - with Flea as Musashi, we are so gonna dress up ;)

Spica (Mythical Detective LOKI) - Friday; Flea as Loki, Star as Heimdall
Swizterland (Axis Powers Hetalia) - Saturday
??? - Sunday.

OH OH~ I have a panel along with 3 other Hetalia cosplayers/fans...we are doing a Hetalia Panel (at Manifest) :D I am SO excited....I dunno who to cosplay though :S


poor mum

Last Monday mum slipped up and broke her ankle. the docs said if the bones haven't slipped too much she wouldn't need surgery.

Well now, we went back to the hospital this morning. got xrays etc etc. and found out that there is a gap of 3mm, and she would have to have surgery to push the bone back in place. if the bone was out 1mm less she would have been ok.

So now we have to go back in bout one hour so she can get admitted and stay overnight.

LOL I am meant to be at work...... ah well

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I am scared - seriously

Well...looks like my ex is actually stalking me, not on here but on Twitter. Farking Great!!!!!!!

He was soo freaking possessive of me when we were together, it was actually very scary - had 10 miss calls from him when I was at my Xmas Work Party x.x and cos I was living out in Kadina at the time, he wanted to come out (he lived in the city) just to see me....even if I was working. Sure thats sweet and all...but damn. I didn't last long, I became so afraid of him. So I cut all contact with him.

When I did cut him off, he went to my friend, Christine. Whining to her that I cut him off and why I did so, (and in Christine's words) "like a obsessive child".

I think it was the start of last year I spoke to him online again, we were okay. Just keeping our relationship as just a friendship. That was until he asked me if I would kiss him when we meetup, cos we didnt when we were together, WTF?! And on top, he had a GF at the time, and according to him "liked to share". x.X Once again, disturbed this time. Cut all contact with him.

And low and behold...he is now following me on Twitter.

Fark me doesn't he get the point?! But geez, it is really scary at the same time. I have a stalker who is obsessed with me. Most of all he goes to AVCON...and I really do not want to left by myself during the convention.
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Earlier I watched 'Lost in Austen', naw I like Mr. Darcy LOL The actor plays the part so well xDD

Hey, I was pretty much brought up watching Pride and Prejudice - mum loves the movie LOL I must read the book some time.
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EDITED: All confirmed :)

EDIT: Changed my mind for Amaranth, I have been delaying my Saber cosplay for way way way way way too long now - I am sick of myself saying I am gonna do it then don't =_=;;; So I AM GONNA WILL do Saber for Amaranth! And a day on the Mani Weekend. :3

Okay dokays....BrisNova is just over a month away *EEK* I have -yet again- changed my cosplay plans for it too. I couldn't resist, but I am going ahead and cosplaying as Grell Sutciffe from Kuroshitsuji :3 and I am doing it for the weekend too :D Teagan is going to be my Sebby for the Saturday arvo too >3

AVCON....of course I have to go!!!! Dunno what cosplay to do yet :S nothing too huge though, cos Manifest is in Aug x.x

And yes, I am heading over for Manifest this year :D  lol I know for a fact (not allowed to back out either lol) I am cosplaying as Madam Red from Kuroshitsuji on the Sunday. Now that leaves Friday and Saturday.....NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. But I am very tempted to do Joker, also from Kuroshitsuji.

I love the outfits they wear in Kuroshitsuji <33333333333333 Grell's and Joker's are my fave :3

okay, time for bed =_= its late
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It has been decided >D

For a while I have been trying to decide to either go to Manifest or AnimaniaSyd this year. But now I have decided - I am going to Manifest. I am going to join some of my friends (mainly from Adelaide) in a Kuroshitsuji cosplay group! I am going as Madam Red :3 I am also very tempted to either do cross-dressing Ciel or Grell for Amaranth - Grell is so much love...a cross-dressing, ghey shinagami...whats there not to love ;)
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