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EDITED: All confirmed :)

EDIT: Changed my mind for Amaranth, I have been delaying my Saber cosplay for way way way way way too long now - I am sick of myself saying I am gonna do it then don't =_=;;; So I AM GONNA WILL do Saber for Amaranth! And a day on the Mani Weekend. :3

Okay dokays....BrisNova is just over a month away *EEK* I have -yet again- changed my cosplay plans for it too. I couldn't resist, but I am going ahead and cosplaying as Grell Sutciffe from Kuroshitsuji :3 and I am doing it for the weekend too :D Teagan is going to be my Sebby for the Saturday arvo too >3

AVCON....of course I have to go!!!! Dunno what cosplay to do yet :S nothing too huge though, cos Manifest is in Aug x.x

And yes, I am heading over for Manifest this year :D  lol I know for a fact (not allowed to back out either lol) I am cosplaying as Madam Red from Kuroshitsuji on the Sunday. Now that leaves Friday and Saturday.....NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. But I am very tempted to do Joker, also from Kuroshitsuji.

I love the outfits they wear in Kuroshitsuji <33333333333333 Grell's and Joker's are my fave :3

okay, time for bed =_= its late

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    I LIVE~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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