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I am scared - seriously

Well...looks like my ex is actually stalking me, not on here but on Twitter. Farking Great!!!!!!!

He was soo freaking possessive of me when we were together, it was actually very scary - had 10 miss calls from him when I was at my Xmas Work Party x.x and cos I was living out in Kadina at the time, he wanted to come out (he lived in the city) just to see me....even if I was working. Sure thats sweet and all...but damn. I didn't last long, I became so afraid of him. So I cut all contact with him.

When I did cut him off, he went to my friend, Christine. Whining to her that I cut him off and why I did so, (and in Christine's words) "like a obsessive child".

I think it was the start of last year I spoke to him online again, we were okay. Just keeping our relationship as just a friendship. That was until he asked me if I would kiss him when we meetup, cos we didnt when we were together, WTF?! And on top, he had a GF at the time, and according to him "liked to share". x.X Once again, disturbed this time. Cut all contact with him.

And low and behold...he is now following me on Twitter.

Fark me doesn't he get the point?! But geez, it is really scary at the same time. I have a stalker who is obsessed with me. Most of all he goes to AVCON...and I really do not want to left by myself during the convention.

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