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So.....AVCON, COSPLAY *flops*

5 MORE DAY UNTIL AVCON =_=;;; and that leave 3-4 weeks until MANIFEST

D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:

I am in total freak out mode....I still have to start and complete two cosplays for Manifest D: *freaks out*

for AVCON I am cosplaying as Yoichi Hiruma (Eyeshield 21) on the Saturday, and Michael (Angel Sancturay) on the Sunday :D I just have to wait for my red wig for Michael, using my Grell wig that I left at Teagan's house, and I have to get my white shirt for Hiruma altered. :)

And..for Manifest, for Amaranth and Friday I will be cosplaying as Hungary (Hetalia) in her national costume - the mangaka did pics of some countries in their National costumes for Children's Day :D and its SO pretty!!! Anyway, Saturday I am Switzerland (Hetalia) and on the Sunday, I have been trying to keep this as low profile as possible. but since I only have a handful of ppls that watch me, I will tell you :D On the Sunday, I will be cosplaying as Alexiel from Angel Sancturay, I am going to wear her white dress with pleather clincher and boots xDD oh I am going to attempt to make her 3 Angel wings too x.x

I have made my Swiss cosplay - I have to alter my jacket so it fits me better, cos its so baggy x.x and make a start on Hungary and Alexiel.

SO yeah...I have a busy 3 weeks in front of me :D

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